Ayana Lake is a luxurious villa in the Ruskin Island which is a perfect blend of nature, design and tranquility. The access from the mainland to this private island is by a ferry which brings adventure filled with excitement to the stay.

The architecture of the property has designed in a way to maximize the pristine beauty of the surrounding lake.

Nearby places to visit

1. Sri Lanka Air Force Museum – 12 Km
2. Mount Lavinia beach – 11.6 Km
3. Panadura beach -7 Km
4.Sri Lanka Karting Circuit – 16 Km

Personal experience

There were 6 rooms facing the lake with patio where you can enjoy the exotic bio diversity. Rooms were exquisitely furnished with all modern amenities. There were different types of rooms and the room with Jacuzzi was simply amazing. There were Wifi facilities.

The outdoor pool adjacent to the Bolgoda lake was very clean and has a breathtaking view.

Foods were delicious with the day’s catch of lobsters and king size prawns. We were served the breakfast on the deck located on the middle of Bolgoda lake and it was an amazing experience. In the evening you can enjoy a coffee/ tea while enjoying the flora and fauna. You should never forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the edge of Bolgoda Lake.

The team was nice and provided a personalized service. It’s a perfect location to have private/ corporate get-togethers but make sure you don’t disturb guests unless you book the entire resort.

The environment was very calm unless you hear a bird whistling. In here bird watching was truly exceptional as the resort is adjacent to Sri Lanka’s largest fresh water lake of Bolgoda. It’ s truly a heaven of nature.

contact number – 0382282885