Tree House Chalets is nestled deep in heart of Belihuloya, Sri Lanka. This eco-friendly property is placed in a rural landscape and has perfectly blended with nature to delight guests with tranquillity, while maintaining the luxury of modern comfort. If you wish to get rid of daily hustle and bustle, the Tree House Chalet is the ideal escape into nature and relaxation.

Belihuloya is an area of peaceful tranquillity situated 160km away from Colombo, in the Sabaragamuwa province. This little hamlet is renowned for its climate, ecology, and tourism as this area is abundant with various places to visit and plenty of things to see such as waterfalls, streams, nature and numerous opportunities for bird watching, hiking and camping.

Travelgram Review

On our way to Tree House, we enjoyed a hot glass of belimal with jaggery.  There was no name board at the main road to take the turn to the chalets, but anyone can use whatsapp location and find this property easily.  Upon arrival we were served with a fresh welcome drink. The first scenery at the reception area is marvellous with the cold weather.  The chalets were surrounded by nature and tastefully blend local architecture with contemporary design to envelop the guest with comfort and serenely. 

Foods & Beverages

For the lunch we were served with Sri Lankan rice and curry. The foods were delicious with wide variety of curries. We loved beans curry as it looks so greenly, and the chicken curry was mouth-watering. For dessert we were served with fruit platters. The pumpkin soup before the dinner was a perfect match with the cold climate and we were served grilled chicken menu as the dinner. Curd and Tickle was the majorities selection as dinner desert. As the breakfast we selected English breakfast menu. There were limited varieties of foods but what they served us was delicious and we enjoyed the foods at Tree House Chalets.

Room and other Amenities

The Chalets are spacious, clean and included everything we needed. The bedroom has doors that lead directly out onto the terrace. From this large terrace you can relax and admire the amazing views. The chalets consist of one large bedroom with floor to ceiling glass windows and doors that optimize the view of the surrounding wilderness. You can enjoy your meal being in kitchen with the same view through the Terrance.  The chalet has a modern bathroom with toiletries.

The scenery in the lofted area is breath-taking and it can be used as a seating area and as well as a sleeping area.  Our room had a very special equipment. With this astronomical telescope we enjoyed star gazing at night. Every second that we spent in this property brought us a new experience and it was filled with picturesque scenery.   The atmosphere, weather, nature and everything make it an ideal setting for relaxation, meditation and inspiration. The atmosphere is cool and create the perfect setting for spending the day enjoying endless cups of tea on the terrace.

Things we Enjoyed

We enjoyed everything in Tree House Chalets starting from the first step to the time we left the property.

  • Hiking

The property is surrounded by National Forest land. Hiking this beautiful area gives you a breath-taking views of hill lands of Sri Lanka specially the stunning waterfalls. The area is home to many species such as Monkeys, Peacocks, Porcupine, Pangolins, Wild Boar, and Sambar and Mouse deer, exotic Birds, and Butterflies. During our Hiking, near Surathali Ella, there was a dancing peacock, and this singled us that we are ahead of a rain. Down the hills, the lush green paddy fields dance to the cool breeze in the morning daylight. And there was a colourful rainbow which adds an additional colour to the mother nature.

  • Bird’s Nest

This Bird’s Nest was not for the birds but for the guests to watch and enjoy the beauty of the nature from a bird’s eyes view. This was one of the best experiences during the stay at Tree House Chalet and you can the read books and relax in bird’s nest or hammock

  • Gaming

There were plenty of game packs in the cupboard and unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to try all of them as there were plenty of things to try within the day. In your stay, better keep some time to enjoy this as well.

  • Being Healthy

For those who prefer to eat healthy, Treehouse Chalets has an organic garden. Most of the vegetables for main meals are from this organic garden and you can visit the garden during the stay. Meditation and yoga retreats are often held at Tree House Chalet depending on the guest’s request. The privacy of the guests is valued and respected and staff will make sure that your serenity is not disturbed by other guests.

The location has perfectly positioned to enjoy several possible day trips to major tourist sites in the area. Cycling is an ideal mode of transportation for getting around Belihuloya. The staff is very supportive and helped us to find a tuk tuk to wander around the many attractions of Belihuloya (Refer Nearby Places). The undisturbed nature has makes Tree House Chalets, Belihuloya a perfect point from which to explore the mind-blowing scenery of the highlands

Nearby Places

  • Horton Plains National Park – 18 min walk
  • Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka – 4.5 mi / 7.2 km
  • Wangedigala Trailhead – 5.8 mi / 9.4 km
  • Samanalawewa Reservoir – 6.5 mi / 10.5 km
  • Pahanthudawa Waterfall – 7 mi / 11.2 km
  • Bambarakanda Falls – 8.2 mi / 13.2 km
  • Nonpareil Estate Falls – 8.7 mi / 14.1 km
  • Adara Kanda – 9 mi / 14.5 km

Tree House Chalets, Belihuloya is an exceptional place with a panoramic view. You are looking at nothing but the shades of green jungle, fresh air, clouded mountain ranges and the chirping sound of birds.  The stay in Tree House Chalets will be a perfect opportunity to exercise the body and mind and to energize the spirit all while experiencing the beauty of Sri Lanka.

click here to see the Sunset in Belihuoya