The premier location for horse riding. This eco friendly ridding center house over 25 pedigree horses. This park is spread on 17 acres tranquil land and it is a perfect gate away from urban lifestyle.

There is an excellent team with qualified trainers. instructors will assist you with your first ride. Hence you should not worry even if this is your first experience. For our ride we got the chief instructor Mr. Gamini Perera. In the park, all the staff members are equipped with outstanding professionalism and hospitality.

There are wide variety of Horses and few ponies. If you want to race, this would be the idle place as it has medal won horses as well. The speciality of this ridding center is that they maintain this property not mainly based on profit but as a leisure spent place. So they ensure that their services are provided on a revolutionary price.

Horses are treated properly with lots of care. Horses have free space outside to play. We rode on “Tammy” the most innocent horse in the center. 
The ride was a fabulous experience unforgettable experience. As it was our first time ride we were scared a bit in the beginning. Mr Gamini was very helpful and encourage us during the ride.

The ridding center will provide all necessary equipments ( hat/ boots/ gloves) so you would not worry about safety. Once you were dressed, you will get the feeling of a professional horse rider.beast feeding bbIf you visit Dambulla you should add this to your itinerary as a must place to enjoy.

contact details – 077 749 1010